10 Minutes to Ogikubo Station DVD Videos


This AMR video sampler was originally released in July 2001. Unfortunately the timing was off as DVDs were just starting to take over, and, of course, we released this on VHS. Well, we've finally caught up with the times and are proud to release the DVD version of "10 Minutes to Ogikubo Station." While staying in Japan, the answer "10 minutes" would usually answer Mike Park's question "How long will it take to get to Ogikubo Station?" Hence, the name of this compliation. The cover photo is taken outside of the Shibuya train station (which, of course, is 10 minutes from Ogikubo Station). 16 music videos and 4 live performances make up this hour-long compilation. This was 2 1/2 years in the making!

Track Listing
01. MU330 "Tune Me Out"
02. ALKALINE TRIO "Goodbye Forever"
03. THE BLUE MEANIES "Smash The Magnavox"
04. KOREA GIRL "Reunion"
05. SLOW GHERKIN "How Now Lowbrow"
06. SOFTBALL "Choice"
07. KING APPARATUS "Made for TV"
08. THE LAWRENCE ARMS "An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance"
09. POTSHOT "Freedom"
10. POLYSICS "Hot Stuff"
11. HONOR SYSTEM "Fool's Gold"
12. KNOWLEDGE "I'm All Alone"
13. LINK EIGHTY "Verbal Kint"
14. SLAPSTICK "What I Learned"
15. THE CHINKEES "Big World"
16. THE PLUS ONES "What Will People Say?"