BLUE MEANIES "The Post Wave" CD Compact Discs


The record MCA paid a half million to make, now officially re-issued on THICK. Described by frontman Billy Spunke as "bizarro punk," THE POST WAVE follows on the heels of indie hits such as FULL THROTTLE and PIGS. Songs like "Lay it Out" and "All the Same" find the Meanies creating rocking tracks, deeply-rooted in the vibe and texture of such '80s new wave acts as Talking Heads, the Gang of Four, and the B-52's. Produced by Phil Nicolo (Urge Overkill, Cypress Hill), the album incorporates organ, horns, and other new elements into the band's already lavish musical landscape. Some of the other highlights include "Mama Getting High on Chardonnay," "Chemicals," and "She Breathes Fire," where the band is joined by the Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin.
Track Listing:
01. Lay It Out
02. All The Same
03. Chemicals
04. Tightbelt
05. Mama Getting High On Chardonnay
06. She Breathes Fire
07. TV Girl
08. Big Brother's Watching
09. Lose Your Mind
10. Employee 00765
11. Camaro Man
12. Creepy
13. When We Were Queens