BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY "Scrambles" CD Compact Discs


Bomb The Music Industry returns with their second Asian Man release. Full of punk, ska, humor, seriousness, confusion, hate, love, and every idea that Jeff Rosenstock has ever had, ever. SCRAMBLES is a wonderful, frenzied look into the lives of Jeff and the many people who made up this record: their successes, failures, and general sloppy disorganization.
CD comes with a 32-page zine and a sticker decoder for the cover. LP actually IS the decoder! Featuring guest vocals from members of LEMURIA, ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD, and KEPI THE BAND.
track listing:

1. Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin'
2. Stuff That I Like
3. It Shits!!!
4. Fresh Attitude, Young Body
5. Wednesday Night Drinkball
6. 25!
7. $2,400,000
8. Gang Of Four Meets The Stooges (But Boring)
9. 9/11 Fever!!!
10. (Shut) Up The Punx!!!
11. Can I Pay My Rent In Fun?
12. Saddr Weirdr
13. Sort Of Like Being Pumped