DOG PARTY "Vol. 4" LP, CD, CS 12-Inch Vinyl


Sacramento punk-rock duo, Dog Party, strike again with their fourth album, Vol. 4. The Giles sisters, Lucy (17) and Gwendolyn (19), bring another record full of poppy tunes, with melodies that hearken back to The Ronettes, paired with the catchy punk energy of The Buzzcocks. Recorded at The Dock with recording engineer, Chris Woodhouse.
2nd pressing of 300 on opaque white vinyl.
1. Dead Guy
2. Peanut Butter Dream
3. Be My Friend
4. Song 362
5. Lipstick Lips
6. Forget
7. Creepin'
8. I Can't Believe That You're Real
9. Operation #2
10. Sapphires
11. Girlfriend
12. Space Invader
13. G Diddly

Pressing Information

1st pressing: 300 clear blue
2nd pressing: 300 white