THE APERS "Live at the Eldorado" LP 12-Inch Vinyl


THE APERS are back with a brand new live album called "LIVE AT THE EL DORADO". 16 tracks of Ramones-influenced punk rock for fans of SCREECHING WEASEL, THE QUEERS, MTX.
"Live at the Eldorado" Track Listing:
1.It's All Over, You Know
2.Word Is Out
3.Reanimate My Heart
5.Wait A Little Longer
6.Endless Nightmare
7.Friday Night Killed Saturday Fun
8.Eyes Wide Open
9.Teenage Kicks
10.Only The Grim Reaper
11.Too Many Backpacks at the Show
12.Herr Autobahn
13.At the Eldorado
14.I Hope You Feel The Same
15.Whatever It Takes
16.Everyday Is A Rock'n Roll Day

Pressing Information

First Pressing: 500 random color