SHINOBU "Worstward, Ho!" LP 12-Inch Vinyl

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This is a remixed and remastered version appearing on vinyl for the first time.
Shinobu is an indie rock band that ranges from simplistic to annoying. If you listen you might be able to hear influences such as the Weakerthans, New Order, The Pixies, Pavement and a few others. Maybe not, though. Generally, the songs are either about a book Mike's recently read, or just about being alive. Let's face it: being alive is really fucking weird.

Track Listing:
1. t-t-t-trepanning
2. hail, hail the executioner
3. same bastards
4. moms and dads
5. regular love triangle
6. up there
7. truth or consequences, nm
8. boourns
9. not gonna happen
10. beijing bears
11. can dialectics break bricks?
12. mt umunhum