V/A "Plea For Peace" CD Vol.2 AM-148


2-disc Compilation, 2007

1-1 –Chuck Ragan For Broken Ears
1-2 –The Lillingtons All I Hear Is Static
1-3 –Alkaline Trio Cringe
1-4 –Youth Brigade Alright Then
1-5 –Dead To Me By The Throat
1-6 –Tim Barry Shoulda Oughta
1-7 –RX Bandits Tainted Wheat
1-8 –Dwarves Salt Lake City
1-9 –The Falcon (3) Blackout
1-10 –Akiakane* Uncle Sam
1-11 –The Aggrolites Mr. Misery
1-12 –Planes Mistaken For Stars Never Felt Prettier
1-13 –The Singularity Leigh And Stokes
1-14 –No Torso Fight The Blue Horizon
1-15 –Whale/Horse Chinese Lightening
1-16 –Pansy Division Musclehead
1-17 –Smoke Or Fire The Patty Hearst Syndrome
1-18 –The Bouncing Souls The Gold Song
1-19 –Bleeding Through Love In Slow Motion
1-20 –The A.K.A.s Confessions Of A Dangerous Mouth
1-21 –DESA (2) Daydreaming Of Rescue
1-22 –Cave In Dead Already (Live)
1-23 –Anti-Flag Their System Doesn't Work For You
1-24 –Sundowner (5) Steal Your Words
1-25 –The Queers Houston We Have A Problem
2-1 –Filthy Theiving Bastards* Daly City Train
2-2 –Toys That Kill Bomb Sniffing Dogs
2-3 –Andrew Jackson Jihad No More Tears
2-4 –Shinobu (4) Teachers Get Tired
2-5 –Jawbreaker Do You Still Hate (Live)
2-6 –The Briefs No More Presidents
2-7 –Mike Hale Leatherface Fan
2-8 –Fifth Hour Hero Faint And Fading Out
2-9 –Drag The River Me & Joe Drove Out To California
2-10 –The Methadones Less Than Zero
2-11 –NOFX 100 Times Fuckeder
2-12 –The Draft (2) Devil In The Shade
2-13 –Big D And The Kids Table Try Out Your Voice
2-14 –The Sainte Catherines Ring Of Fire=4 Points
2-15 –Cursive Bad Sects
2-16 –Western Addiction Mailer, Meet Jim
2-17 –Throwdown (2) Burn
2-18 –The Debonaires* See You Again
2-19 –Heavens Patent Pending
2-20 –Sandtrappers No, Dead People
2-21 –A Papier Mache Monster Death To Order
2-22 –Love Equals Death Plastico Americano
2-23 –Darkest Hour With Friends Like These
2-24 –Samiam Are You Alright?
2-25 –Dan Andriano Way Too Many Times
2-26 –Peacocks, The* We've All Seen Better Days
2-27 –Mike Park Roger Staubach Plays The Lead