LAWRENCE ARMS "GHOST STORIES" LP with Hand-Screened Jackets AM-059

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Woah! What a find!!! This was the 2nd pressing of Ghost Stories, pressed in 2008. I just found 86 jackets in our storage space and I am guessing they were overages. Anyways, to make these distinct from other pressings they are numbered 1/86 2017. These are hand screened jackets. You can feel the ink on the matte paper. Very cool and a super affordable collectible for Lawrence Arms fans around the globe. We've used the current pressing of random color vinyl to be part of this special little rarity find. ENJOY.

Limited run Hand-screened Jackets, hand numbered to 86.

Track Listing:
1. Sixteen Hours
2. Chicago Is Burning
3. Turnstiles
4. Asa Phelps is Dead
5. All the Week
6. The Old-Timer is 2x4
7. Here Comes the Neighborhood
8. Light Breathing (me and Martha Plimpton in a fancy elevator)
9. Ghost Stories
10. 106 South
11. Minute
12. The Last One

Pressing Information

Hand-screened Jacket, to 86
Current pressing: 414 random color vinyl

1st press: 500 gray
2nd press: 550 clear
3rd press: 300 white; 500 maroon
4th press: 330 clear blue
5th press: 414 random color in regular jackets/86 random color with hand screened jackets numbered 1/86 2017 on the jacket.