ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD "People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People in the World" - 8th & 11th PRESSING Test Pressings / Rarities


A great AJJ record on Random Vinyl.
The last 8th pressing we have is on mustardy orange, kinda a Dijon or spicy brown.
The 11th pressings we have left are an assortment of yellow, gray and purple.
They say the color of the vinyl has no effect on the sound of the music, maybe they are right.
But it couldn't hurt.

Pressing Information

1st press (brown jackets): 400 brown; 100 black
2nd press (blue jackets): 500 dark blue/black swirl; 500 maroon
3rd press: 300 clear blue
4th press: 300 opaque white
5th press: 500 random colored
6th press: 500 clear red
7th press: 550 black vinyl
8th press: 600 random colored
9th press: 700 clear green w/black swirl
10th press: 800 clear gold w/black swirl
11th press: 800 random color