BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! "Get Warmer" LP - 4th & 6th PRESSING! Test Pressings / Rarities


We have ONLY 1 of each.
-The 4th pressing is on Clear vinyl with green splatter. it was only a tiny run of 357.
This is a gem. well, not literally.
-the 6th pressing is on Clear Blue vinyl, and a small limited run of only 500.
Think of how small of a run that is 500, you probably know 500 people personally.
I dont know why I am typing this all out, these will be gone in less time than i took making this entry.

Pressing Information

1st press: 500 picture discs
2nd press: 500 clear w/ white splatter
3rd press: 500 clear w/ blue splatter
4th press (clear screened jacket): 80 clear w/ green splatter
5th press: 500 black
6th press: 550 blue
7th press: 500 green w/ black smoke