ALKALINE TRIO "GODDAMNIT" LP - 1st, 4th & 10TH PRESSING Test Pressings / Rarities


Yikes! one left, this will be gone fast or i will eat my hat.

4th Pressing! on Clear!
I told Mike to charge at least $100 for this, but he said no.

10TH Pressing of this classic punk album. We only have a handful left, they wont last.

we also found one 12th pressing random vinyl.

Pressing Information

1st press: 500 sky blue; 500 white; 500 clear with red splatter; 500 half red/half black; 500 red with black splatter; 500 black/purple/yellow splatter; 500 green/yellow/white splatter; 500 translucent red
2nd press: 500 white with red
3rd press: 500 180-gram black
4th press: 500 Clear
5th press: 500 Black
6th press: 500 Random Colored
7th press: 550 Black
8th press: 666 Black
9th press: 800 Gold w/ smoke
10th press: 800 Clear blue w/ smoke
11th press: 500 Burgundy Opaque
12th press: 500 random color vinyl(was supposed to be retail, but we have some in stock currently for mailorder)
(There have also been 2,000 black lp's for retail only)