ALKALINE TRIO "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" LP - 8th & 5th Pressing Test Pressings / Rarities


8th Pressing,
one with a damaged side one label, see picture.
Record plays fine, new.
Clear Red w/ Smoke

The 5th pressing is in new condition. Classic Black vinyl.

Pressing Information

1st press: 1,000 black; 1,000 orange
2nd press: 500 clear red/black swirl; 1000 orange/black swirl; 1000 180gram black; 500 white/red swirl
3rd press: 500 black
4th press: 500 gold
5th press: 690 black
6th press: 800 clear green w/ black smoke
7th press: 500 burgundy opaque
8th press: 800 180 gram clear red w/ black smoke
9th press: 500 on random colored vinyl