WARM THOUGHTS "I Went Swimming Alone" CD/LP New Releases


YAY!! Let's celebrate the new Warm Thoughts with insane bundle deals!!
These prices are the best in the world. Find me another label that charges this little and I'll eat the keyboard I'm typing on!!

Lots of different options here, so hopefully this all makes sense. Any questions, email me mikeparkmusic@gmail.com and i will answer you promptly.

WARM THOUGHTS "I Went Swimming Alone"
Side A
1.Romance Novelist
2.Sunbleached and Yellowed
Side B
6.Waiting For Me
7.The Pier
8.To Talk At
9.Your Haircut Man
10.A Memo To Me From My Future Self

Pressing Information

1st PRESS: 500 Clear Green/500 Opaque White(Deathwish Records Exclusive)