ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI "The Essential A/V Vol. 1" LP New Releases


NOTE: the Sea Glass pressing has a small manufacturing error, of a small 1mm lip. This may cause problems playing, depending on your record player. (please see picture)

This yummy A/V record is VOL. 1 of the long out of print EP'S/7 inches/Comp tracks. 13 songs total on two beautiful variants: METALLIC GOLD and SEA GLASS.

ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI "The Essential A/V Vol. 1"
01. 100 years
02. Sometimes
03. I'm Giving Up on U2
04. Guest List Spots
05. Don't Die in Yr Hometown
06. 100 Years 2:200 Years
07. Bang!
08. You Don't Scare Me
09. I Drew You Once In Art Class
10. Mystery Pills
11. Come To Brazil
12. Stormy Weather
13. New Lines

Pressing Information

First Press:
550 sea glass
550 metallic gold