MU330 "Crab Rangoon" LP

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MU330 "Crab Rangoon" LP

Originally released in 1997, "Crab Rangoon" is THE definitive MU330 album, and one of the few third wave ska records from that era to truly stand the test of time. The big trombone-driven hooks are reminiscent of the Specials, while the personal lyrics and wistful melodies give "Pinkerton" a run for its money. If you're an old fan whose been waiting for this to finally come out on vinyl again, or if you're new to the band but want to hear one of the best records to ever come out on Asian Man, now's the time to pick this up!

New cover artwork for this release by Gilbert Armendariz.

1. Tune Me Out
2. Ireland
3. Funny Papers
4. Neighbors
5. Father Friendly
6. Understand
7. Fragile
8. Jason
9. X-mas Card
10. Around You
11. Good Homes
12. The Struggle of Helen
13. Organic Gun
14. Now

Pressing Information

1st press: 1,000 black vinyl
2nd press: 500 clear green vinyl
3rd press: 500 random half/half vinyl

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