$10.00 - $18.99


$10.00 - $18.99

Did you miss out on getting For Your Lungs Only and I Lied My Face Off? Well, now you can get those songs and more on this semi-discography of Alkaline Trio. This record has both out of print EPs, their first 7", and songs from various compilations. It's a must-have for any Trio fan!!

Track Listing:
01. Goodbye Forever
02. This is Getting Over You
03. Bleeder
04. I Lied My Face Off
05. My Friend Peter
06. Snake Oil Tanker
07. Southern Rock
08. Cooking Wine
09. For Your Lungs Only
10. Sun Dials
11. Nose Over Tail
12. 97

Pressing Information

1st press: 500 orange; 500 brown; 500 blue; 500 grey; 500 clear w/ black smoke
2nd press: 500 black
3rd press: 596 random color
4th press: 650 clear red w/ black smoke
5th press: 600 on 180 gram white vinyl
6th press: 300 on black vinyl
7th press: 500 on random color
8th press: 500 on random half/half
9th press: 500 on random half/half
10th press: 500 toxic green
11th press: 1,000 random color(mostly for record stores)
12th press: 250 orange/250 clear w/ blue and red smoke
13th press: 1,000 silver/red split vinyl(1234 GO RECORDS EXCLUSIVE)
14th press: 1,000 random color vinyl

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