ALKALINE TRIO "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" LP
$9.99 - $18.99


ALKALINE TRIO "Maybe I'll Catch Fire" LP
$9.99 - $18.99

Track Listing
01. Keep Em Coming
02. Madam Me
03. You've Got So Far To Go
04. Fuck You Aurora
05. Sleepyhead
06. Maybe I'll Catch Fire
07. Tuck Me In
08. She Took Him To The Lake
09. 5-3-10-4
10. Radio

Pressing Information

1st press: 1,000 black; 1,000 opaque orange
2nd press: 500 clear red/black swirl; 1000 orange/black swirl; 1000 180gram black; 500 white/red swirl
3rd press: 500 black
4th press: 500 gold
5th press: 690 black
6th press: 800 clear green w/ black smoke
7th press: 500 burgundy opaque
8th press: 800 180 gram clear red w/ black smoke
9th press: 500 on random colored vinyl
(There has also been 2,000 black lp's for retail only)
10th press: 500 Black
11th press: 500 Black(180 gram)
12th press: 2,000 picture discs
13th press: 1,000 random half/half
14th press: 1,000 clear orange
15th press: 1,000 random color (record stores only)
16th press: 1,000 triple button orange/black
17th press: 1,000 blood drip(1234 GO RECORDS EXCLUSIVE)
18th press: 1,000 random color vinyl(237were pink/130 blue. The rest are random AF)

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