COLOSSAL "Welcome The Problems" LP/CD
$7.99 - $12.99


COLOSSAL "Welcome The Problems" LP/CD
$7.99 - $12.99

On Vinyl for the first time in over 10 years. Only 600 pressed and who knows when this will be on vinyl again?
300 on WHITE
300 on BLACK
Remastered by Carl Saff for the perfect analog listening experience. ENJOY!!

COLOSSAL is a four-piece band from Elgin, IL,, Drawing comparisons to bands such as SEAM, AMERICAN FOOTBALL and TORTOISE "Welcome The Problems" articulates a dynamic balance between unconventional arrangements and pop melodicism.
Track Listing:
1. The Dusk Of Us
1. The Serious Kind <-- MP3
3. Hot Probs
4. The 1/5 Compromise
5. 7677
6. Work In Prague
7. Nothing, Thank You
8. Short Speech
9. Careless Michael
10. I'll Look At You When The Dying Starts

Pressing Information

1st press via ASIAN MAN:

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