LAWRENCE ARMS "Cocktails & Dreams" 2x LP


LAWRENCE ARMS "Cocktails & Dreams" 2x LP

I had 70 leftover A/B SIDE: black/ C/D side: clear green
Printed 70 folder jackets and hand numbered 1/70.

Cocktails and dreams are a collection of tracks from the now out-of-print split CDs (with The Chinkees & Shady View Terrace), as well as an exclusive new song and two new recordings of old songs and special bonus tracks. Rare stuff here! Forming in Chicago in 1999, this energetic, gruff, yet melodic punk rock trio combines good old East Bay punk mixed with that great Midwest sound. Think JAWBREAKER meets CRIMPSHRINE.

Track Listing
1. Intransit
2. Quincentuple Your Money
3. 100 Resolutions
4. There's No Place Like a Stranger's Floor
5. Hey, What Time is 'Pensacola: Wings of Gold' On Anyway?
6. Presenting: The Dancing Machine
7. Overheated
8. Necrotism: Decanting the Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7
9. A Boring Story
10. Faintly Falling Ashes
11. A Toast
12. Nebraska
13. Another Boring Story
14. Joyce Carol Oates is a Boring Old Biddy
15. The Old Timer's 2x4
16. Turnstiles
17. Old Mexico Way
18. Purple Haze
19. Heaven Help Me

Pressing Information

1st press: 500 black/white
2nd press: 500 orange
3rd press: 500 white/blue
4th press: 300 opaque silver/black
5th press: 300 opaque red/black
6th press: 300 black/clear green(70 contain hand numbered foldover 12 x 18 covers)

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