LEMURIA "Get Better" LP


LEMURIA "Get Better" LP

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Lemuria is a three piece from Buffalo, NY. Bob from Shinobu is sitting right next to me trying to come up with adjectives to describe how good they are, but his vocabulary mostly just consists of "Niiiiiiice." Basically, they are an awesome indie pop band in the vein of Superchunk, The Weakerthans, Jawbreaker, and Discount. They've self-released a bunch of EPs and 7"s over the past couple years, and we're proud to be putting out their first full length.
Track Listing:
1. Pants
2. Yesterdays Lunch
3. Lipstick
4. Buzz
5. Wardrobe
6. Length Away
7. Dog
8. Dogs
9. Get Some Sleep
10. Hawaiian Shirt
11. Fingers
12. Mechanical

Pressing Information

1st press: 800 white; 200 black
2nd press: 500 silver/gold swirl; 500 white/pink swirl
3rd press: 500 opaque purple
4th press: 500 yellow
5th press: 500 black w/ screen printed covers
6th press: 500 random colored w/screen printed covers
7th press: 484 black w/ yellow cover variant
8th press: 500 clear green w/black smoke, and yellow cover variant

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