MIKE PARK "North Hangook Falling" CD


MIKE PARK "North Hangook Falling" CD

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On his second solo album, Mike Park sings about life, politics, and his Korean heritage. Unpretentious indie rock featuring guest musicians Rob Kellenburger (drums), Pat Ford (bass), Jason Flaks (guitar), and Jenny Choi (cello).
Track Listing
1. Is It Safe For Me To Go Outside?
2. Keeping This Seat Warm <-- MP3
3. Born To Kill
4. Crazed Man
5. Asian Prodigy
6. Kiss Me Baby, I'm Always Here For You
7. Korea Is So Far Away
8. I Can Hear The Whisperings
9. Dear Canada
10. When Is The Moment That You'll Sing?
11. North Hangook Falling
12. Blue Marble

Pressing Information

Vinyl pressing info:
Hand screened jackets
Limited to 300 copies
Comes with a download code for a digital copy of the album

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