V/A "Ska Is Dead" CD

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V/A "Ska Is Dead" CD

On Tuesday February 17, 2004, 3 bands that had been friends for years, BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE, MUSTARD PLUG, and THE PLANET SMASHERS, got on stage in front of 400 kids in Buffalo NY and performed the very first gig on the very first Ska Is Dead tour. Three years, and 140 shows later, the tour has gone beyond all expectations, selling over 55,000 tickets in 3 different countries and proving that indeed, ska is not dead. In fact, the tour started out to prove just that. At a time when retail had forgotten the genre and most live venues had only marginal faith, the tour was put together on the simple principal that ska is as valid as it ever was, it just needed to be rebuilt from the grass roots on up. To document and commemorate this success, Asian Man Records proudly presents Ska Is Dead: the compilation CD. Featuring 23 of the most important bands performing in the genre. From the laid back Jamaican-style sounds of Hawaii's GO JIMMY GO to the aggressive ska-core of Miami's AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY, from newcomers like BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY to legends like FISHBONE, and pretty much everything in between, this compilation represents the very best of a very dynamic scene, one that is back on the upswing and proving that ska will never die.

Track Listing:
1. BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE "Noise Complaint"
2. BUCK-O-NINE "I'm Not Dead"
3. TOASTERS "Night Train To Moscow"
4. DEALS GONE BAD "Messin' Around"
5. PIETASTERS "Don't Wanna"
6. MUSTARD PLUG "Puddle Of Blood"
7. THE FLATLINERS "Open Hearts And Bloody Grins"
8. BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY "I'm Terrorfied!!!"
9. MU330 "Please Don't Run"
10. FISHBONE "Skank 'n Go Nutz"
11. GO JIMMY GO "Don't Stop Everything (Dancehall Version)"
12. CHRIS MURRAY "Dangerous Hearts"
13. PLANET SMASHERS "Raise Your Glass"
14. SUBB "I've Got It All Wrong"
15. STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO "A Better Place, A Better Time (Live)"
16. AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY "Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver"
17. WESTBOUND TRAIN "Please Forgive Me"
18. KING DJANGO "Hard, Hard Thing"
19. CATCH 22 "The Spark"
20. VOODOO GLOW SKULLS "DD Don't Like Ska"
21. THE PORKERS "Too Big For Your Boots"
23. TIP THE VAN "Circles"

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