DAN VAPID "All Wound Up Vol. 2" CD


DAN VAPID "All Wound Up Vol. 2" CD

FEB 2nd, 2018

Dan Vapid, best known for his plethora of bands including Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, The Methadones, and a so many more. A prolific songwriter, Dan has brought us his second installment of family friendly punk rock. As a father, he's constantly inspired by the daily growing pains he experiences raising his children and he's used these life lessons towards these amazing pop punk gems that will not only have the kids dancing about, but will have the parents thanking him, so they don't have to listen to Barney or The Wiggles.
Check out a track here and then buy it for your kids, yourself, and for all your friends who are having kids. ENJOY

01. Let The Sunshine In
02. Warts and All
03. The Grass Is Green
04. Singing My Song
05. Saying Goodbye To A Friend
06. Be My Valentine
07. Put The Ball Into Play
08. Little Cloud
09. The Planets Of Our Solar System
10. The Monarch Butterfly
11. Little Starfish
12. The Last Maple Leaf

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