BRUCE LEE BAND "Rental!! Eviction!!" 12"


BRUCE LEE BAND "Rental!! Eviction!!" 12"

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The 5th release from THE BRUCE LEE BAND. This 7 song blast of SKA PUNK is the latest showcase of the Mike Park/Jeff Rosenstock BLB era which is now the tag team that will stick for all future Bruce Lee releases. Add in Dan Potthast and Kevin Higuchi to the rhythm section and you have the meat and potatoes of "Rental!! Eviction!!". Mix in a ton of friends on a plethora of instruments and you have the mission statement: "MUSIC WITH FRIENDS".
1.When You Say It's Okay
2.Tryin' & Stutterin'
3.Never Been Quite Like This
4.Spinning Me Around
5.If I Could Only Listen To My Heart
6.Free Breakfast!!
7.Still Down For Tomorrow

The B side of the 12" will include the long out of print "COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUP" 7"
2.Tanning Depression
4.We've Got The Power, We've Got The Money
5.Ms. Me

Pressing Information

1st press: 800 on random colored vinyl
2nd press: 300 on random colored vinyl( sorry, not exciting )
3rd press: 140 on stenciled covers, hand numbered and signed by mike park

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