THE ATOM AGE "Hot Shame" LP, CD New Releases


The Atom Age find their inspiration from the dust covered collections of unhinged 60’s punk and R&B, whose crazed energy was once misconceived as a better fit for your trashcan than for your turntable. While taking many of their cues from these primitive pilgrims of punk, The Atom Age still strive to lay down their own modernized sound.

The new full length Hot Shame blends the Rock ‘N’ Roll swagger of Link Wray with the angular punk of Fugazi and Hot Snakes. A haunting tenor saxophone and transistor organ combo provide an added layer of tone ranging from The Stooges' Fun House at their darkest, to The Famous Flames at their most energetic. Co-producer Blag Dahlia from legendary garage punkers The Dwarves lent his greasy ears and formidable rock ‘n roll knowledge to the band while they tracked the record themselves at their studio, District Recording.

1. It's A Mess
2. Hot Shame
3. Barracuda
4. Ms. Death Texas
5. Do It Now
6. Negative Mind
7. Hear Them Scream
8. Wild Worry
9. Too Much Fun
10. Wasteoid

Pressing Information

1st pressing: 500 on clear gold
2nd pressing: 500 on black