ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD "Only God Can Judge Me" 10", CD Compact Discs


Here's the vinyl release of AJJ's new EP. I saw Sean a couple weeks ago at a show in Phoenix and he was so drunk that afterwards I drove his car to a burrito place, and then when he sobered up we went to this crazy hotel with four hot tubs and sat in them all until 3am.

Track Listing:
1. Darkest Heart
2. Jesus Saves
3. Human Kittens
4. Growing Up
5. Candle in the Wind (Ben's Song)
6. Guilt: The Song
7. So Mad At You

Pressing Information

1st press: 500 white; 500 orange
2nd press: 300 black
3rd press: 500 random color
4th press: 335 random color
5th press: 600 random color
6th press: 200 pink/200 dark blue
7th press: 200 on baby blue